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Zhuhai Dongzhixu Technology Co., Ltd., English abbreviation: Eastsun, is a national high-tech enterprise providing Internet of Things solutions and intelligent product solutions. The company is located in Zhuhai, a beautiful and romantic city. The company has been committed to the technology and market promotion of the Internet of Things industry for five years. It has strong technical strength, 2 invention patents, 7 utility model patents, 10 software copyrights, and has embedded micro-control technology, RF hardware R&D, communication and networking technology. Deep background with rich practical experience.


In the field of IoT wireless communication, the company has “ESL electronic price tag system” based on retail industry, “EAS+RFID application electronic labeling system”, “smart bed management system” based on medical industry, and RFID sticker in packaging logistics industry. Labels, as well as on-demand RFID fragile, metal-resistant labels, high-temperature labels and other products, the company has provided products and solutions for Internet of Things applications for hundreds of domestic and foreign companies, and is well received by customers, looking forward to the future. The company will actively capture new development opportunities, further expand the space for innovation, tap the growth potential, and make unremitting efforts to achieve the development goals of “international IoT product suppliers and service providers”.



Product Center

The electronic shelf labeling system is mostly used in large-scale commercial super-cooling, cold chain temperature and humidity monitoring systems. RFID systems are widely used in logistics, warehousing management, the medical industry, and more.

RFID Product

We can supply the RFID equipment and solution. Widely supply the LF, HF, UHF, VHF tag/label, reader, antenna, handheld equipment. And special provide the On-mantel Tag, Tire tag, pallet tag, Needle tag, High Temperature Tag, Laundry Tag, etc. And can provide the RFID solution as personnel tracking and management system, positioning management system, logistics management and Vehicle management system, parking system, etc. 

Electronic Shelf Label System

Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) is an electronic display unit that can be used to replace the traditional paper price label. The ESL system includes an active RFID system and any existing POS system. We can provide the active tags (the label), base station (tag reader and antenna) and the middleware. 

EAS Product

We can provide all the Acoustic Magnetic System, Radio Frequency System and Electro Magnetic System products and services. Include various frequencies soft label and hard tag, anti-theft host, antenna, detector, deactivator, detacher, ink tag, UPP Source Tagging, and safe box, etc. We are the distributor of the Sensormatic, Checkpoint and All-tag products. 

3C Retail Security Display Product 

 We provide the open display protection solution for the real digital products (such as Mobile Phone, Laptop, DC, DV, MP3, MP4, GPS Navigation, Netbook, Digital Photo Frame, and Electric Shaver), real experience, charging, anti-theft, MOD, DataStatistics, Remote Monitoring. 

  • ZhuHai Eastsun Technology Co., LTD.
  • 2nd Floors,Research Building Phase II factory, No.18 Pingbei one Road,Nanping Science and Technology Industrial Park,Zhuhai city,519060,China
  • 519060
  • 86-0756-8970366
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  • Summer Hu (Sales Manager)
  • 86-0756-13543059745

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